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Around here, we let the food speak for itself. We use only the freshest ingredients on the market, combining them in the most flavorful combinations. We offer distinct and robust dishes that we've practically gotten down to a science. Our chefs are well-versed and have experience that spans generations. Come check us out and see what everyone is raving about. Ara Restaurant believes in consistency in all areas, whether it's an appetizer or an entree. We are proud to be the number one Korean BBQ Diner, but we also offer and prepare seafood cuisine, in addition. We are committed to excellence, and we're also committed to giving our patrons a taste of our home, bringing that taste of home here to Beaverton, OR.

Of course we don't just stop with the food. Ara Restaurant is focused and dedicated to providing a relaxed atmosphere free of stress or pressure. We provide an ambient atmosphere for you and your friends and family can enjoy again and again. With Ara, you will always know that you're getting quality food, served by quality employees, and given at an affordable price. We'll sit you down and feed you the finest Korean BBQ in the area, and we'll send you home feeling happy and full, this is Ara Restaurant's promise to you.

Our food and fun atmosphere is what keeps our patrons coming back over and over again. We keep an informal atmosphere, a casual dining experience, where you can focus on the quality cuisine as well as the quality company you keep. Our patrons are the reason our restaurant has a buzzing energy that makes Ara Restaurant distinct. Come taste for yourself today!

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