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If you've had a craving for quality Korean BBQ in Beaverton, OR, then you've come to the right place. At Ara Restaurant, we keep it simple, only using fresh, simple ingredients that result in mountainous flavors for our delectable, authentic, traditional style dishes. Our Korean BBQ is table grilled, to our guest's liking, so they can watch the flavors and ingredients come together to vibrant life. We believe in family style dining, so bring your kin and kith to our restaurant today!

We are the number one destination for Korean cuisine. We also happen to be the best Korean BBQ diner in the area and have a loyal following that only comes out of preparing a superior product and having it come at an affordable price. Our juicy, flavorful BBQ is grilled to order and brough forth by our amazing service staff who will make you feel right at home, like all of this is happening in your very own kitchen, only you aren't stuck with the dishes afterwards.

We honestly make it impossilbe to leave hungry after you've been served our generious portions of fine Korean cuisine. Come to our boisterous diner and restaurant today and experience our amazing staff of dedicated professionals who renew their committment to guest satisfaction on a daily basis. We keep a clean establishment, making sure that everything is functioning at a high level, so our amazing food can come at an efficient speed and at a low cost for the portions given. It's easy to tell why we have everyone in the neighborhood talking about our amazing Korean cuisine.

We'll give you an experience that will make you feel like you're right at home in your own kitchen, only you don't have to do the dishes this time.

We deliver superior Korean BBQ that won't break the bank.

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